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Saturday, 10 November
3.00 PM Alan Lightman
In conversation with Aurimas Švedas
Arts Printing House, Black Hall

Alan Lightman
What do we know about the world we live in? Do we believe we live a real or illusionary life? Are we sure this life of ours is our only life? Various scientific theories nowadays can shatter a number of our beliefs or wake us up from slumberous routine. That is exactly the effect that Alan Lightman’s books have on readers – eye-opening as they are a powerful source of life, mystery and new ideas.

Alan Lightman is a writer and a physicist, an expert in the humanities and the sciences, has served on the faculties of Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, received a number of awards and honours, and is the author of essays about science and almost thirty books. Having been translated into at least thirty languages and inspired famous creators, an already modern classic Einstein's Dreams is very popular among Lithuanian readers. The author takes the reader and Albert Einstein who is depicted as a young scientist creating a theory of relativity to several possible worlds which function under real laws of physics.

Lithuania warmly welcomed the translation of a collection of essays by Alan Lightman The Accidental Universe: The World You Thought You Knew earlier this year. The book is an invitation to look at universal truths from a new angle and engages in paradoxical contemplations of mysteries of the universe.

“I think that good literature is often provocative, and especially literature of ideas,”Alan Lightman said and added, “I knew when I wrote the book that some people on both sides of the science/religion divide would be unhappy with Mr g”. However, he trusts his readers, who value a literary creation story, in which both science and spirituality can live together.

An interview with Alan Lightman will be conducted by Dr Aurimas Švedas, an expert in cultural history working at the Faculty of History, Vilnius University. The historian portrays prominent Lithuanian scientists and artists and examines historical imagination. He is also a columnist for the Literatūra ir menas (Eng. Literature and Arts) and has written and/or compiled eight books, a widely-acclaimed book “Irena Veisaitė: Gyvenimas turėtų būti skaidrus” (Eng. Irena Veisaitė: Life should Be Transparent”) among them.







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