Evening with Nancy Huston

Writer Nancy Huston (France, Canada) in conversation with literary scientist Dr. Eglė Kačkutė
MO Museum, Events Hall (Pylimo g. 17, Vilnius)
Ticket distributor “Tiketa
Duration 105 min

Nancy Huston
Nancy Huston is a Canadian-born author. She has developed her creative powers in Paris winning increasingly more accolade with every new novel and attracting the attention of literary experts to herself and her insights.

Writing in French and English and self-translating her works, Nancy Huston is famed for dealing with issues such as changes in and search for her cultural and personal identity and gender equality.

Nancy Huston’s novel-writer talent became evident with her very first novel “Les variations Goldberg” (1981) [The Goldberg Variations (1996)]. It immediately earned her the most critical acclaim, drew readers’ attention, and was shortlisted for the “Prix Femina”. In 1993 her novel “Cantique des plaines” [Plainsong (1993)] won Governor General’s Award for Fiction in French. Her novel “Lignes de faille” [Fault Lines (2007] was noted by the “Prix Femina” once more in 2006. She has been decorated with the Order of Canada and received an honorary doctorate from the University of Liège and the University of Ottawa.

The author very openly tells about searching for her own course and regrets her earlier involvement in left-wing movements. In one interview she said that assuming responsibility for freedom was the most complicated thing in every art and that was why artists were not normal because they were particularly heavily burdened by freedom.

Roland Barthes, a French philosopher and literary critic, who was Nancy Huston’s teacher of literary theory and semiotics in Paris, made a huge impact on the writer’s personality.

Nancy Huston’s literary works are translated into various languages around the world; her famous novel “Dolce Agonia” was published in Lithuanian in 2018.





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