Evening with historian and writer Timothy Snyder and poet Tomas Venclova

Prof. Timothy Snyder and Prof. Tomas Venclova in conversation with cultural historian Dr Aurimas Švedas
Vilnius University, Main Campus, Aula Parva (Universiteto g. 3, Vilnius)
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Duration 105 min

Timothy Snyder
Known for his authentic interpretations of history and his studies, highly valued in a large number of countries, Professor Timothy Snyder, Yale University, specialises in the history of Central and Eastern Europe and the Holocaust.

Timothy Snyder’s books inspired resonating poster installations, exhibitions, films, sculptures, music, and theatre performances. His quotes are used in political demonstrations around the world. Currently he focuses on the history of nationalism and on writing a philosophical book about freedom. While speaking about the collapse of the Soviet Union, Timothy Snyder still manages to find important, warning examples and traumas of history.

“History does not repeat. But it does offer us examples and patterns, and thereby enlarges our imaginations and creates more possibilities for anticipation and resistance,” Timothy Snyder says.

Snyder’s engagement by making use of the position of a public intellectual is a powerful example for Lithuanian society and its academic and cultural communities of defending the ideas and values of liberal democracy.

Festival Vilniaus lapai [Vilnius Pages] will hold a debate between Timothy Snyder and Tomas Venclova, the most consistent Lithuanian defender of liberal democratic values and the best example of a public intellectual. The debate is going to be an outstanding public, intellectual and cultural event in Lithuania.

Timothy Snyder has been numerously awarded for his works, the Emerson Award, Literature Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, Václav Havel Foundation Prize, Prize of the Foundation for Polish Science, Leipzig Book Prize for European Understanding, Dutch Auschwitz Committee Award, and the Hannah Arendt Prize, to name but a few.

Among translations into forty languages are four books by Timothy Snyder translated into Lithuanian in 2011–2019: “Bloodlands” (2011), “The Reconstruction of Nations” (2012), “Black Earth” (2019), and “On Tyranny” (2019).





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