Readings to plants, animals and babies, and future links in the evolutionary chain

By writer, artist and performer Žygimantas Kudirka
Contemporary Art Centre, Reading Room (Vokiečių g. 2, Vilnius)
Free entrance
Duration 90 min

Žygimantas Kudirka‘s solo art performance will appear in Lithuanian, English and artificial languages. During the performance Kudirka will read for plants, animals, babies and future nexus of evolution and all that will be happening in UV light with FX of sound.

During the performance, Kudirka turns off the lights but does not inflame any candles. The texts are not accompanied by clarinets but rather by live sound effects played on the computer. Kudirka of XXI century is not a neo-romantic. He is a neo-Dadaist. During the performance, you will hear interactive texts with physical effect, universal texts in artificial languages, texts written by collective minds, the collaboration of human and artificial intelligence, and an almost illegal remix of texts.

Žygimantas Kudirka is a writer, artist and performer, working in the fields of interactive poetry, artificial languages and Avangard rap. His texts usually have unexpected forms, for example, an audio guide of alternative reality or radio plays created for driving a car, the act of breaking into information measures or decision to let the reader or listener finish up the piece by himself. Kudirka has published an interactive poetry book, seven music albums, made more than a hundred performances in Lithuania and all over the world (Baltic Triennial, The Venice Biannale). He is also creating and performing in the field of modern art. Besides, he has received many awards in music, advertisement, visual arts and literature.






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