Photo by Vygaudas Juozaičius
Photo by Vygaudas Juozaičius

Autofiction: conversation with Violeta Bubelytė and Virginija Kulvinskaitė

Art photographer Violeta Bubelytė and writer Virginija Kulvinskaitė in conversation with literary critic Eglė Kačkutė-Hagan

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Duration: 105 min (in Lithuanian)

Virginija Kulvinskaitė (Cibarauskė) was known as a literary critic and poet, but with the release of her first novel “Kai aš buvau malalietka” (When I was a malalietka), published by “Kitos knygos” in 2019, she is known as an author of fiction too. Her novel is the first one to give a voice to a young woman who tells about the 1990s, a period of dramatic changes. It was nominated for the Book of the Year in the category of adult readers and was among top twelve most creative books in 2019.

The first collection of poems by Virginija Kulvinskaitė “Antrininkė” (The Double) came out in 2017 and was in no time entered into the list of twelve most creative books. By the way, it was released in a free electronic format, with the edition limited to 30 books (publishing house “Naujas vardas”). In the same year, she was awarded Vytautas Kubilius Literary Prize for being an active literary critic. She has a PhD, her dissertation was on self-representation of writers and cultural figures, which was practically developed in her novel “When I was a malalietka”.  We can often see her moderating a literary event or engaged in a discussion; her articles are published in the press.






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